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Dr. Ossen has been practicing orthodontics since 1992. He received his orthodontic degree from Boston University where he trained under the renowned Dr. Anthony Gianelly, a leader in the field of orthodontics. Dr. Ossen is an assistant professor of orthodontics at Montefiore Medical Center where he has been a faculty teacher of orthodontics since 1994. He lives in Hastings with his wife and two children. Dr. Ossen’s treatment philosophy is to achieve the optimal esthetic and functional results in the shortest time possible. He prefers non-extraction treatment and only extracts permanent teeth in about 15% of his cases. The office realizes your time is valuable. We do not mass schedule patients which causes a crowded waiting room and long waits to be seen. We schedule our appointments so that about 95% of the time you will be seen within 5 minutes of your actual scheduled appointment. We adhere to the highest sterilization protocols and we do not recycle brackets.

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